• Believe You Can Be Wrong.

I've stated before in my essays that people generally don't like to be told that they are wrong. It takes a special person to receive criticism and straight away take it in a constructive manner.

I know that I need to stop and let criticism sink in prior to being able to process it positively.

However, I've recently understood that many of the beliefs and ideas that I've held for a long time are not correct, and it's been a wake up call to understand the true nature of things.

Now I've reached a stage where I am skeptical of myself, of what I can achieve, and if what I now believe is correct or not, or even if it actually matters at all.

While this is perhaps not a great permanent state of mind, it's probably a step on the right path to building a solid framework for analysis the world and situations around us.

So give this a try:

Assume you are radically wrong, and truly step in the shoes of someone who takes a near opposite viewpoint to yours, and try to understand both the what and the why.