• Daily Tracking.

While I am not a big believer in New Year’s Resolutions, I did actually make one recently, and it was about ensuring that I track, daily, some of the things I care about.

Tracking is pretty awesome because it leads to a few things:

  • Accountability – by seeing the numbers (and by the way, you should track things by boiling them down to numbers) you can easily hold yourself accountable for discretions.
  • Awareness – When you have enough data, normally that is after a month or two of tracking, you can actually become aware of trends in your habits and lifestyle, and like those trends to how you feel as an individual and then make changes accordingly.
  • Improvement – This level of awareness just discussed then leads onto to improvement, as for some reason I’ve found there is a human tendency to automatically want to make the numbers look better than they are, and by tracking daily it is a reminder to you in every action that you do.