• Experiencing a Dollar Bill.

It’s a strange thing, a dollar bill, when you think about it. A piece of paper that everyone is chasing, and that, in most cases, can be swapped for anything. It is the ultimate status symbol in our society, but when you think about, a rather mundane thing.

Rubbing it between your fingers, it’s not quite paper, but a tough starchy substance, and the various imagery presented on the bill call back to a more historical time, away from all the digital noise that we are now presented with.

A single bill is rather inconsequential, but it is interesting that with quantity, say a million of these dollars, they somehow become quite meaningful.

The fact that wherever you go, you can swap this bill for for service and goods in very useful, but perhaps the best things in life, tranquility, happiness, education, don’t necessarily require even a dollar bill, and in fact may often be hindered by it.