• How to Read 52+ Books a Year.

I’m a voracious reader, but I’ve not often reflected about how I end up reading so many books. It’s only when I look back on the list of books that I’ve read over the last few years that I find it surprising.

So, how to read at least a book a week, each and every year?

  • Read more than one book at a time — I tend to carry one book in my bag, keep one book in the bathroom, one in the living room, and then also have one or two in my Kindle/iPhone/Macbook.
  • Take the time to read — obviously, this is very much required. Coming home from work, don’t watch two hours of tv or mindlessly browse social media, but spend time in front of a good book.
  • Invest — Books are damn cheap compared to most form of entertainment, so no real excuse here. Worst case, you can find tons of free reading material online.
  • Enjoy learning — It doesn’t matter what types of books you read, you’re bound to learn something. If you enjoy the process, you’ll be far more likely to keep reading new books.

That’s it, nothing complex.