• Is The Best Worth Living For?

Many people, especially the wealthy, but it is not limited to them, like to show off about how they can only have the best. While in these circles this is something to be envied, such as the fact that their palate can only tolerate expensive fine wine, in reality, perhaps we should pity them.

I had an experience recently where I was sharing a modest bottle of wine with a pretty girl, and having a great time, and later on some extremely wealthy people that I knew joined our table and started ordering wine that was around thirty times more expensive ($30 vs $900 a bottle). So, I had the opportunity to directly compare the two bottles as I was drinking them.

Did the more expensive bottle taste better? Perhaps, but I am not a wine connoisseur, and I feel that it is far more important to be surrounded by a good company than good wine. However, we have to consider who is better off in this situation. I can quite easily take enjoyment from my $30 bottle of wine, and have a great night, while these far richer individuals could not do this, perhaps because they would be ashamed to be seen drinking this type of wine, or perhaps because they really could not enjoy drinking it because they are used to far better wine.

So, it is actually far easier for me to gain enjoyment out of life in general than it is for these people. If their Bentley is broken, they’ll be annoyed and have to wait for a replacement appropriate transport (probably another car that they own). I can just hop into the first taxi or rickshaw that I encounter, and off I go.

It also makes me far better at connecting with others in the world. While I am in no way poor by world standards, I am not extremely wealthy either, and I have had a taste of what it’s like to live in crappy apartments and live life watching everything I spend. This means that I can connect with a far wider range of people because I understand them!

So that is my question for today. Is it worth being the type of person that only wants the best, or is it actually better to be happy with whatever is at hand?

I strongly believe that the latter option is by far superior, because it increases the overall enjoyment that you can gain in life, regardless of the things outside of your control, and surely that’s one of the definitions of invincibility?