• On Being.

I was recently ill for a few days, and I barely ate any food during that time.

When I eventually broke my fast on a simple tomato soup, it tasted great. I assume this is because it was the first sense of taste in two days.

I found it incredible that a simple tomato soup, something that I would take for granted on an average day, would have such a profound effect.

It felt incredibly nourishing and just the right thing to have.

The tomato soup also made me realize that the ancient philosophers were absolutely right, we can gain vast enjoyment from the simplest of things, as long as our approach is right. Restraining ourselves from pleasure, and sometimes even from necessity, can be great for ourselves, even if it is just as a reminder of how much we already have.

This also made me realize how important it is to ensure that we fuel our bodies correctly. Of course, I have known this cliche most of my adult life, as it is repeated ad nauseam pretty much everywhere, but I’ve never really implemented it in my own life.

I always take care to put the correct fuel in my little Honda Julio, and yet I wouldn’t hesitate to poison myself with junk food or alcohol.

Obviously, this is sheer absurdity.

I am now in the position of wondering how long it will take me to make my first slip up in fueling myself properly. I estimate a day or two, as soon as I’ve forgotten about my period of sickness, and how refreshing my simple tomato soup was.