• On Flourishing.

Humans are imperfect creatures.

Our evolutionary toolset has failed to keep up with the changes that we have created, and so what were once systems that helped us to survive and flourish, are now systems that cause us to be unable to live a good life.

Change is now such an important factor, that it cannot be overlooked. The difference in the way of life between 27,650 B.C. and 27,550 B.C. were negligible. If we look at the difference between the early twentieth century and the early twenty-first century, we will find that practically everything has changed.

Paradoxically, while no humans have ever enjoyed such a high standard of living as we now enjoy in 2017, the very changes that have made this a fact also cause us considerable distress.

For many, the primary danger in life is themselves, with suicide being the top killer of men aged twenty-five to fifty-five.

Now, the way to a good life is to fight our base impulses, and use psychological tricks to ensure that we can flourish even as change is all around us.