• On Social Media.

I’ve been slowly coming to the conclusion that there is something wrong with me. I used to be incredibly motivated, almost like a machine in terms of getting things done, learning, and generally kicking ass. This lasted until I was around fifteen, and it felt quite effortless.

Then, something changed.

I stopped being able to concentrate for long periods of times, and my work suffered for it. I’ve managed to make up for my lack of concentration by sheer effort, but it’s noticeable how little I can concentrate now.

As I write these words, I am  27, and what I’ve noticed is that my slow down in the ability to concentrate has gone hand in hand with the rise of my use of social media.

I’ve given up Facebook, but I’ve always stayed in Instagram, and yet I’ve recently gone back to Facebook, and then given it all up again.

Instead if sharing photos in Instagram when I’m on holiday, and now journal privately in Day One, a journalling app, and also all my photos are kept on Google Photos so I can review photos from months and years ago. It’s quite nice not having the pressure to share the perfect photos, because these memories I am keeping are just for me.

However, that’s not really the main benefit of giving up social media. My ability to concentrate, while not back to my previous levels as a teenager, have grown stronger and stronger the less I use social media.

So far, this experiment has gone well.

However, it is worth exploring why social media has this effect on the brain.

Why does it frazzle our ability to concentrate and think deeply, and is the problem social media, or is it a larger overall problem?