Reading List.

One of my goals is to read as much as possible, as I realized that it is something that I love doing, and that will always be easily accessible to me due to its simplicity and low cost. Many philosophers have advised that we should want whatever it is in our power to have, because that is the fastest and surest way to contentment and happiness, and for me, reading fits the bill perfectly. I’ve discussed in previous essays how reading is such an important thing, but I couldn’t possibly say it better than the ever-likable Mark Twain:

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.

I follow this by modestly quoting myself:

You know what’s the really amazing thing about reading? It allows you to experience other people’s ideas and points of view, as well as other cultures without having to leave your front door. It’s almost like teleportation. Reading also works like a time machine. You get to have wonderful conversations with people who lived hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. I don’t think I really have to sell anyone on the benefits of reading, as it’s an obvious thing to anyone with a certain degree of intelligence. It’s a shame that the majority of the world prefers junk television shows to the incredible adventures that you can have while reading.

I don’t plan on reviewing the books that I read as such. After all, something that highly resonates with me you may find boring, and vice versa. The key point in listing these books is to help myself keep a list of what I’ve read (I know that there are tools for that, but this is not a terrible way either) and also to help others find new material to read. After all, if you’re reading this website, you’ll probably like some of what I read.

If you want books recommendations, you can find a list of Recommended Reading

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Life continued to get in the way of my reading.

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Realized that reading is part of my life.

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