• Red Moon.

It was quite interesting tonight to see The red moon. But this is something that only happens every 150 years and so this is the last time that I see a red moon of my life. Of course, every time that I look at the moon it could well be the last time I look at it, butI’ll never know. However, this blood moon is a stark reminder of the impermanence of my life and how I take many things for granted each and every day. There is an important lesson to be learned here and that is that We never know when will be the last time that we do something. So if we take the approach that everything in life. Could end at any time. It is interesting to think that in150 years time that will be people looking at the red moon and that nobody will remember me they will have their own lives, Their own problems, and society will be completely different to how it is today. It is even more interesting to think of all people that have looked at Red moons in the past.

There have been at least 1000 Red Moons since rational human beings have walked this planet.

Think of all the millions of people that have stared up in wonder, without scientific knowledge to uncover the secret of why a moon turns red, and what they must have been thinking. This type of historic moment is always worth contemplating because it allows us to link ourselves to past, where we all come from, and it’s a great opportunity to stop the noise of daily life and just reflect.

It was a bittersweet moment looking at the red moon tonight, as I knew this is something that I’ll never see during my lifetime, and that’s rare, because deep down, we always believe we have more time, and that’s the reason why we mis-live. While keeping death as a companion in our thought perhaps allows us to appreciate far more of what there is in the world today.