• The Simple Joy of Going to Bed Early.

A few months ago I started suffering from insomnia. I was completely unable to go to sleep for a night, and then the next day I would crash to sleep from exhaustion, and the following day I would skip sleeping completely.

The reasons behind my insomnia I believe were the stress of starting a new business, and also a fairly unhealthy lifestyle based on eating in restaurants and drinking alcohol. I probably put on close to 7kg in around 3 months, which is quite shocking.

However, I've managed to solve my insomnia, and in the process I've discovered the simple pleasure of going to bed early. I'm still catching up on all my lost sleep, but also I find that it's a great end to any day, being in bed early.

I tend to listen to classic music, read books, and (quickly) review my next day.

The incredible thing about this, is that is it accessible to most people, anywhere in the world, regardless of economic status.

In general, the best things are, but we've forgotten that.