• The Contradiction of the Modern World.

I am sitting on a Bangkok Airways flight from Phnom end to Bangkok, and on the back of the seat in front of me there is a United for Wildlife branded seat cover, that is actually on every seat on the plane.

This is clearly an initiative by Bangkok Airways as some type of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative. While this is commendable, and perhaps a % of their revenue goes toward good causes like the preservation of wildlife, there are also glaring contradictions.

For instance, this is a one hour flight, and they served the entire plan a rice and chicken lunch (mine went to waste, of course) with no other options.

So, at the very same time as having advertising showing the initiative to save animals, Bangkok Airways are fine to serve 100+ people chicken for lunch.

Of course, there is nobody at Bangkok Airways to blame for this, everyone there is just doing their job, and there is actually nothing wrong here, when seen through the usual prism, it’s only when you start taking a logical look at the world that it starts not to make sense.

So, how to combat this type of hypocrisy? Well, it’s rather impossible without making drastic lifestyle changes on a personal level, and even more difficult to do this across society, but in some ways we are improving.

At least now we are acutely aware of how much damage we are doing in the world, but we just don’t make it enough of a priority to do that much about it. While back in the industrial revolution people didn’t actually know how much environmental damage would be caused by their factories.

I am also a walking contradiction. For instance, while I am vegetarian, I still drink milk and eat eggs and other animal products, which, ethically, is just as bad as eating meat. In fact, you could argue that being vegetarian is almost worse than eating meat, because it is just a show of ethical behavior, instead of actual ethical behavior.