• The Freedom of Scheduling.

In the past few months I’ve started scheduling more and more of the things that I need to do on a calendar (I use Google Calendar, but that’s incidental).

What I’ve found is that it is very easy to say “yes” to everything, but having to physically estimate the amount of time required and then block it out of one’s available time brings things back to reality.

If we believe that excellence is the by-product of continuous good use of time and correct decisions about the relative importance of things to do, then this scheduling approach is obviously the right thing to do.

I was somewhat scared about ruining the ability to be spontaneous, but I realized that this is not a big issues, after all one can simply leave blocks of time empty, or change things on the fly as situations change.

This year I’m going to go full immersion and try to schedule everything, and see how it goes, I have a suspicion that it will make me far more aware of the time I spend, as well as enable me to further concentrate on the things I value most.