• The Question that Will Give You Anything You Want in Life

Life is made out of choices, and those choices are often made of compromises. So you can create the life you want by learning to manage and solve the compromises you make.

For years I struggled to keep my weight in check. I managed to lose around 30kg, and then a few years later went almost back to square one.

Then, I started asking myself the following question:

“Would I rather have the body I want, or do I prefer to go out drinking / eat this cake / have a pizza / etc”

By keeping this question in my head ready for each time I had to make a choice, it was easy to do the right thing.

Waking up in the morning and getting on my scooter to visit the gym, simply became:

“Do you want a six pack, or do you prefer to lie in this morning?”

The answer is obvious, each and every time, and I am (very) slowly improving.