• Tracking for Success.

I’ve often believed that if you keep track of something that is under your control, you will naturally improve the outcome.

This is because you make thousands of small changes in your life because buried in your subconscious somewhere is a little voice that is trying to make you improve those results.

I read somewhere once that a man lost a huge amount of weight purely by tracking his weight and plotting a line into the future showing where he wanted to be, and he didn’t consciously make a decision to lose weight, but it happened anyway.

I decided to keep a list of all the books that I was going to read, and I’ve ended up reading a huge amount, probably more than I’ve read my whole life. This has had a wonderful effect on my life in many ways.

It wasn’t a conscious decision, but each time I went to update my list, I had a great feeling adding a book title there, but also a reminder that I should read more.

So if you want to change something in your life, tracking it is not a bad way to start.