• When Do We Become Us?

Obviously we are all in a state if change, that much is obvious as time goes by and we change, both physically and mentally.

In fact, I look back at the boy who went through high school, and while I can understand what he went through, he isn’t me.

But also, on a more physical level, what is me? I’m the atoms that make up what I can see is my body, but that arrangement is constantly changing. A glass of water isn’t me, but if I drink it, it will at some point become me.

That’s puts some perspective of being one with the world. There is most likely food in your stomach that is currently partway through digestion, making an incredible transformation from bring one thing, to being you.

The concept of ‘I’ is a slippery one. Even as I write these words, my opinions and thoughts keep on being active and experience change, so I’m not quite the person that I just was. Much like the concept of a river, you can stand in the river, but it won’t be the same river each time you stand in it, as the water flows past is always different.