• Why Do We have Job Titles?

I’ve recently started a new company, and I’ve got 3 team members. In our first meeting, the subject of business cards came up, and, so follows, the job titles to put on them.

I then struck out and asked why we needed job titles in the first place. After all, we all know what we’re doing here.

And so we’re just ignoring the job title assignment “thing”.

Now, I am thinking about whether even a 30 person organization (another company I have), needs to job titles. It’s going to be an interesting experiment to remove job titles in an organization that already has some, but I don’t expect people to simply turn up and have no idea what they should be doing just because we changed their employment contracts, their business cards, and their email signatures.

If that was the case, it would highlight far bigger problems!

This is definitely something I will explore in long form in the future.