• Writing a Guide on How to Live.

Let’s be clear that I don’t have everything figured out, and that I don’t know fully how to live, yet.

I am hoping that my thinking deeply and reading and writing this book, I’ll be able to take the cloudy ideas that have been forming in my head for the last ten years and actually develop a framework for how to live. By this I mean a life that is, as much as possible, removed from bad things and that is both meaningful and pleasant.

I’ll be using myself as a type of human guinea pig, testing ideas both in the philosophical sense, and also in the practical sense. While this will be an incredibly unscientific and subjective study, that is all that I can offer to the world, and I hope that it is useful to you in some way either as a sign post of how to behave, or as a warning flag of what not to do.

One definition of success, a common one in fact, is about how much of something you have. Money, experiences, sexual partners, and so on.

There are numerous problems with such a definition of success, and yet it can, in the short term, feel quite good.

Another way to approach success is to feel successful with your current situation, and view the world in a different manner. The very fact that you’re alive is a huge success, don’t just think of all the people that have previously lived (100 billion) but think of all the people that haven’t lived! There is a huge potential for life, but most of it doesn’t get to anything, so just being alive is already an incredible event, regardless of your current situation.

Being able to switch your success mindset from measuring how much you have or want, to being able to appreciate what you have right now, is the key to having success.

This is because this definition stands alone, and is not defined by other people and their measuring sticks, which is a terrible place to store your self worth.